Hack Hunch

The best defense is you.

Cybercriminals don't wait - they are here. That's why we invented Hack Hunch - a mobile-first cybersecurity development platform. It uses gamification and learning psychology to build a strong cybersecurity competence and support a cybersecurity culture.


Build knowledge

Develop skills

Establish habits

“One of the biggest challenges is the lack of an organization-wide understanding of cyber risk.”


Companies forget to connect their employee cyber competence to the daily habits so that what they know and are capable of naturally comes into consideration in the right situations.


Knowing does not necessarily mean that it is put to good use in critical situations. Without habits, competence is passive and reactive. Cybersecurity habits mean that cyber competence is a proactive and leading behavior.


Hack Hunch boosts the company's cyber defense by consolidating security habits within the KSA framework

Security habits matters



Hack Hunch includes an app for handheld devices with gamified training and a customizable desktop dashboard for unique company insight and user activity and performance reports.


Hack Hunch improves your cybersecurity habits and competence that builds a robust cybersecurity culture.


Hack Hunch is a mobile-first cybersecurity training platform that uses gamification and learning psychology.

We want to build a safer society by educating digital citizens with smarter cyber knowledge and habits.

We provide a gamified nano learning software on your mobile device that makes cybersecurity learning easy, fun & accessible.

Nikolai Fasting
Nikolai Fasting

Chief Strategy Officer

A specialist in entrepreneurship & business development.

Cato A. Bjørkli
Cato A. Bjørkli

Chief Science Officer

PhD and specialist in human and technology behavior, learning and psychology.

Peder Aaserud
Peder Aaserud

Chief Executive Officer

Serial founder with many years of experience leading scale-up companies into successful tech enterprises.

Chris Dale
Chris Dale

Chief Hacker Officer

Hacker, instructor and business leader, Chris has the technical know how of Cyber Security.

Tobias Englund
Tobias Englund

Chief Commercial Officer

Experienced executive with more than 20 years of experience with commercial roles in the US cyber security industry.

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Our values are straight:

Diversity appreciation
We live by mutual respect and celebrate differences
Knowledge first
We teach what we know and learn what we don't know
Goal orientation
We give our best to achieve our goals